Kat Zantow

I am a fantasy author/artist. I recently published Shadowing: A Henchman's Tale, which was the result of my frustration with overly heroic heroes. But the shapeshifter has a good heart, even if it changes. I have read 5.2 billion fantasy novels. No exaggeration there at all.You can find me on Twitter @Kat_Zantow, or on DA under Pyrra, and I blog a lot at katzantow.blogspot.com Fantasy artwork can be really inspiring, and I love the really imaginative. I also like illustrating my novels, so expect scenes, characters, and concepts.  I like Art, Writing, Swords, elves, revenge, henchman, villains, evil overlords, knights, dragons, fantasy cliches, sword & sorcery Favourite movies The Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Matrix, Inception, True Blood, Favourite books Vlad Taltos, Villains by Necessity, Anvil of the World, Dune, Neuromancer, The Homeland Trilogy,