ahh! Total revamp...well...sorta. Yah. I noticed how outdated this bio is, so why not update? Lol. My new alias is Seraphim Kudo (you'll notice the signature on my new stuff). I love Japanese Rock, and I am currently over obsessed with Dir en Grey. I also like Malice Mizer and Pierrot, and then Gackt and Ayumi Hamasaki for J-pop. *nod nod* I am 13 years old and I love to draw Anime and Manga; especially femmy guys, kitty boys, and vampires. You'll also see bloooood! Mwahaha. I can't help myself -- I get carried away with that lovely red marker...I love the colors black, red, and blue (you'll see lots of black and red, if I'm in that kinda mood for the picture...I swear! I'm gunna end up killing my black and red markers!). Hmmmmn...oh! If you notice any shonen-ai, please don't pester me about it if its not your thing. Just avoid it, ok? OK! And no pestering about how low Meramute's pants are...that's just how it is. *nod* Ok...I think that's everything!