In Your Dreams

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

Kate Frizzell

  Character and Image Copyright 2009 Kate FrizzellPhotoshop CS3

Published More than a year ago

Category Fantasy

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The Legendary Meerca Forest- Chapter 1

Wolves, griffons, unicorns, dragons... they all live in the same forest. Meerca Forest. This is a short story that I meant to continue on, but other subjects in other stories caught my attention. *purrs* Enjoy!

Alicornia- Chapter 1

Alicornia is a land of unicorns... and humans... living together peacefully. Unicorns are close to sacred and are never killed (the penalty being death) and the king of this land is famous for his 200 unicorns- no more, no less. Shukies adventure begins... Why do I write about unicorns? Because! If I wrote about deer or goats, people would complain because they'd always be getting eaten by gryphons! *clicks teeth together and smacks tongue* Like me. Yum! *purrs* Bleah. No deer in this story. Just nasty tasting unicorns.'

Typhoon Dragon

A poem I wrote when Wilma was coming to town (before the power went out) that came out rather well. *shakes wings* grrr. They're still waterlogged from that stupid storm. *shakes mud from paws* grr.


I wrote this one day... don't remember when... ... ... hmm. All well. Very first entry! Enjoy! *mutters to self* Horses don't taste any better than unicorns. *springs on a rabbit* Meow! *steals rabbit from me* Hey! *growls* That's mine! *runs after Butterscotch, screeching*


Wrote it during school... I think. I can't remember. But its short and sweet. But theres nothing in it for me to eat. *shrugs* oh well, I'm not hungry anyways. I like the idea of this story. Anyways, ignore me, read the story.

Don't Go...

Lani is four, Ror is six. Ror arrived at the Hallowed hills when he was five. He's going to the Summer Sea for the Summer, and Lani doesn't want him to go. She can't go with him until next summer. Also, It shouldn't be Cy'ra she lays down next too, it should be Moon (her sister). Lani thinks Cy'ra is going to the Summer Sea as well.

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