John P Keane

Seeing as how I haven't updated the site in soooo long, I thought I'd get my finger out and quickly do something about it. I'm now 31, oh how the years fly by, and I have two wonderful sons and one wonderful wife. I'm the co-editor and one of the (now) several artists for the largest independent WFRP magazine in the world. In 2002 we produced our first 'Best Of...' book, for which I went to great pains painting a cover for. I've included it in my new uploads for your critique! A new job, the two kids and a new house are taking up most of my time now and so my art and the magazine are unfortunately taking a bit of a back seat. However, hopefully it's only temporary! I hope you enjoy what you see and feel free to criticise - but constructively if possible! 'This sucks' is not that helpful!!!!