Christy Miller

 My first book THE DRAGON CHILD can be ordered through Helm Publishing, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and many other online places that sell books. You will not find it in bookstores because it has been printed through a smaller company and it is considered a 'publish on demand' book. I am currently working on book two and three. If you would like to know more about it, please visit my Personal Web Page. I have posted 3 sample chapters of The Dragon Child here, but to read the rest, you’ll have to buy the book! *evil grin* This is what some critics have said about the book.“One of the best writers I’ve seen. Her stories catch anyone’s eye, from child to adult. CK Miller’s The Dragon Child is and absolutely exiting and breathtaking novel. Once you turn the first page you won’t be able to put it down; a coming-of-age story that will be remembered for years.” -Kristopher Brown  The Dragon Child is an absolutely thrilling book; you won’t be able to put it down. The creative, yet simple style allows for easy reading and active imagination.”-Trina Kackstaetter CK Miller’s The Dragon Child is a work of literary genius. Teens and Young Adults everywhere will love this book!”-Emily Cole  NOTE: Vondur Tales is a story I am writing with my friend Tina Marshall. We have expirienced 'uncalled for critisizm' with this story and therefore there will be no additional chapters posted. Sorry.  I like Writing . . duh. Drawing and music. I love dancing and working out - running mostly. I also love spending time with my family and my husband Matthew!!! Favourite movies Lord of the Rings! Harry Potter! The 10Th Kingdom! Chronicles of Narnia 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'! Pirates of the Carabean - only the first one though. The Princess Diaries and anything that has to do with magic! Favourite books Halo -by Eric Nylund, The Farseer Series- by Robin Hobb, and Eragon/Eldest - by Christopher Paolini Favourite music Anything that has a magical feel to it. Enya, Celtic Women, Evanesence, Jimmy Eat World, and some pieces of techno music.

The Dragon Child -Chapter 3-

This is that last chapter of the book that I will be posting on this website. The novel can be ordered through Helm Publishing. (

The Dragon Child - Chapter 1-

The first sample chapter of my novel, The Dragon Child. Kea is hounded by a dream of a long dead queen. Published by Helm Publishing.

Angel Falls

I wrote this one in my creative writing class. It gave me something to think about.

The Dragon Child -Chapter 2-

This is the second chapter of the Dragon Child. Kea learns that she has inherited the curse of the royal lineage.

Vondur Tales -Chapter1-

This is a SHORT story about a young woman striving to hunt down a dragon that killed all her people. She is the last of their kind. *this story was written by me and my friend Tina Marshall who has given me permission to post the chapters here.