Christopher Keefer

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A quick little ditty of a story I whipped up for a friend who needed to impress a girl. Hopefully, it had the desired effect. Now, I should try that myself...

Tempus Redux

To tell you the truth, I don't really like this story. I wrote it for a contest which required the story be 600 words or less, so I had to pare away all the extrenous parts of the story...the parts that give the story flavour, if you ask me. Ah well, here it is anyways...

The Wanderer

To be honest, I can't remember when I wrote this. Probably about 4 in the morning. Enjoy.

Blood Price Chapter 1

This story is epic in its scope, with a number of innovations of which I'm rather proud, and a few characters not so easily forgotten... It began as a joint venture long, long ago (1999, as a matter of fact. Boy, do I feel old...). It lay long abandoned, until I dusted it off circa 2004 and began rewriting it (alone, unfortunately - my friend has abandoned his first love - writing. Tis a sad story... for another time). Then it was forgotten again, until I found it, sad and alone near the end of 2006, and began rewriting it again. Further chapters shall follow, if demand exists...

Cy's Rebirth : Part One

This story is set in the World of Shameroth (the fantasy world of my creation). It's actually more a bit of history then a continuation of the deals with the rebirth of the Dark Lord Cy. Here's part one, part's two and three (and four?) to follow.

Cy's Rebirth Part Two

The second part of my story of betrayal and bloody drinks. Enjoy.


This was actually a part of my soon to be published novel (or so I hope). I removed it after deciding to change the character, and so now you lucky Elfwooders get to read this excerpt for free! Enjoy.

An Unexpected Visitor

Two professional's meet by chance and take the opportunity to discuss some of the many quirks of humanity...

My name is Death: Part One

This began as a very different story (one I might still write at some point), and slowly changed during the writing process... into this. I'm still vaugely dissatisfied with it, but you may enjoy it nonetheless.

GD Elegy

Here we are, a sci-fi story extraordinaire. I started writing this with publishing in mind, then abandoned it to go onto something more interesting (to me), so this story is not likely to ever be completed - unless someone (probably several someone's) really, really wants me to. And no, I'm not going to tell you what DHOOM stands for. Hah.

At Least We Tried

This was originally part of my (hopefully) soon to be published novel. I removed it after deciding it was both horribly overwrought and added nothing to the story; nonetheless, its still an interesting read of sorts. Enjoy.

The Watcher

Well...this was written when, for the first time, I could think of nothing to write. However, I had one idea that I had thought of a long time ago, but never written out, and after reading a bit of the bible (my favourite source for inspiration...especially KJV, olde english really helps spark the old neurons back to life) I remembered it and...wrote it. Enjoy.

MECHA Part 1: Old Wolf

A neat first part to a novella length story. This part of the story arc follows Alexander Gervais Finlay, 'the Old Wolf', a military captain of the Old Mars Imperium, retired to the reserve as a training officer. Recently began rewriting - will post more as rewriting continues.