Andreas Oeltjen

Born 1973 inĀ  Oldenburg (that's in the north of Germany). I'm single and spend most of my life either in laboratory or in front of a drawing. I have been drawing all my life. Originally it was always fan-work, you know, people and things from cartoons and movies. And I still do today. Everything I do is selftaught, though I have learned much through tips and advices from friends from the net. I mostly use pencil and pen, and color the drawing via computer or aquarell. I have dabbled a bit with airbrush, but am not happy with the results. My favorite genre is mysthic sci-fi (I'm a great Star Wars fan) and anime (long live El Hazard!), but I almost equally love Fantasy. As an aged roleplayer I have much experience with Fantasy and I have drawn much for fanzines and players. I even did a bit for the 4th Edition of Talislanta. I tend to draw many characterdrawings, especially for my fellow roleplayers. These drawings sadly don't always meet with their ideas of the character, but till now, no one has killed me for that. And I love to draw characterstudies of figures from novels and books. My drawings are often influenced by comic and anime art. Favourite movies Patlabor, Ghost in the Shell, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings Favourite books Felix and Gotrek, Drizzt Do'Urden, Raymond Feist Favourite music Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Inon Zur, Jeremy Soule