Leah Keeler

Well I love to draw, and have been doing that all my life. At this moment I am quite obsessed with Bleach  (Byakuya Kuchiki especially), which shows in my art (posted on DA).Currently I work mainly through Deviantart -->  keelerleah.deviantart.com/  (which is my main art site) doing commissions for various companies and clients.  So if your interested please visit me there. (email, contact info, commission info, prints, contests, and a gallery of over 100 pics are located there as well). So stop by and say hi!Also a side note, I will not be answering comments directly here, if you have questions/comments etc you want answered directly feel free to email me at: lordoftheringsfan_979@hotmail.com I like Drawing, collecting anime figures, reading, BJDs, swords, and being obsessed with Bleach Favourite books The sword of Truth series, The Shannara series, Dragonlance series, The Legend of Drizzt, The Lord of the Rings and so many others. Favourite music Kalafina, Kat-tun, and lots of others.