This is where some of my art is going to appear.  I will try to update it regularly. I consider myself an illustrator.  Fantasy is where my muse thrives best and a friend of mine pointed me to Elfwood.  I have other art posted elsewhere, but I plan on reserving elfwood for my stories and associated works.  I haven't had the ambition to work everything that's flying through my head into a graphic novel yet, but will post some teasers as they become available.  I like Art, Writing, Mythology, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Comic books, Sculpture, Environmental Issues, Education, Nature Favourite movies Never Ending Story, Dark Crystal, Pan's Labyrinth, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoki, Brave, Gargoyles, Hellboy, Dark Angel, Titan A.E., V. for Vendetta, Lost, Beauty and the Beast (80's and still my Favorite love story), Avatar, Firefly, Lord of the Rings. Favourite books Dune, LOTR, Dragon Riders of Pern... to name a few Favourite music Pretty much anything that strikes a cord invokes a deep emotion and sends me soaring.