Marlena Cannon

Artwork last updated September, 2009. More Sephiroth and Final Fantasy art coming soon!   I like Birthday: February 14 Likes: spicy food, cute things, horses, drawing & writing, videogames Dislikes: red meat, cleaning, answering the phone Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Kare Kano, Fushigi Yuugi, Robotech/Macross Favorite videogames: Disgaea series, Final Fantasy series, Fire Emblem series, Soul Calibur series, Elderscrolls series Favorite manga: Shutterbox, Kare Kano, Tarot Cafe, The Antique Gift Shop, The Antique Bakery, Physhic Academy, Naruto, Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden, Fairy Tail Strength: creative Weakness: lazy

GGC - Part II - 5 - Thorns

'The hatred isn’t his, she decided as she allowed his polite gesture. The pain of the mountain seeps into the air, into everything that moves upon it.'

GGC - Part I - 1 - Father

First chapter of my revised fantasy epic work, Ghosts of the Golden City. The story concerns an elven girl in a quest for her identity, amid a world of hidden political upheavings and a secret revolution of the undead. And it's all about the occult science of the mind.

Moon-burned (poem)

This is what goes through the mind of a fairytale princess, slumbering in a spell-induced coma, while waiting for Prince Charming to liberate her (it's not a terribly pleasant experience...).

GGC - Part I - 4 - Force

'A waterfall spewed from a series of gates in the front wall of the fortress, frothing into a body of water that continued the path of the dammed river.' Forces of several different meanings.

GGC - Part II - 3 - Dwelling on Dreams

'Beyond the carved figure, the bushes dispersed into an array of lower growth that formed an even carpet before the hermit’s dwelling.' Strange things transpire there.

GGC - Part I - 2 - Promise

'Can you really... tell me everything I wish to know? she wondered, searching for the spirit that had called itself Drakken.' Malraune makes a promise in exchange for some answers.

GGC - Part I - 8 - Disastrous

'Promise you won't hate me? Part of him shied from confiding in her, though he longed to release the thoughts that raged beneath the surface of his consciousness.' Turmoil of the soul and on the high seas.

GGC - Part I - 5 - Captives of a Cause

'A soft white glove brushed against Malraune's hand and its owner caught her hand up into his. He smiled gently as Malraune startled, and softly kissed the back of her hand.' Being a captive isn't so bad.

GGC - Part I - 6 - Mission

'Then at the top of a crest and sudden plunging of the land into the sea, the cove and its mystery ship appeared. It looked like a fishing vessel fashioned of black, riveted steel.' All aboard for the unfolding of a quest and the revealing of a bright new character.

GGC - Part I - 9 - Transformations

'The wind beat back his hair, the raven black and silver mane released from its usual binding. He roughly brushed a section of it away from his face, then gingerly touched the scar that ran from his temple to the inside of his cheek as if it still smarted.' Eerie transformations and the end of Part I. Be sure to continue on to Part II!

GGC - Part II - 4 - Search

'Malraune squeezed her eyes shut and opened them again, but it was still there. Everything was still there. For hours she had ridden, and been unable to see anything because there was too much to see. ' The search for the Cursed Soul continues.

GGC - Part II - 2 - Contact

'Malraune looked up into eyes that were level with hers. They were as dark, as sweet as licorice, but also twisted in a fearsome way.' Troubles might be closer than the nearest Ectoled.

GGC - Part II - 1 - Stranger

'Her dark hair, as long as Malraune's, trailed around her in a beautiful web, the failing light of the evening highlighting it with crimson tints.' A stranger can be a good person to know when undead freaks have you in a pinch.

GGC - Part I - 7 - Ridiculous

'Malraune’s violently whirlpooling emotions suddenly came to a dead standstill. Remember?' A baffling encounter and some honest bonding over a bottle of maltfire.

GGC - Part I - 3 - Missing

''Don't... don't hurt her!' spluttered Roland, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth and oozing down his chin.' A struggle in the bookshop.

GGC - Part II - 6 - Unwanted Gifts

I need you. The shared thought flowed between them as if no separation had taken place. We joined once, in the clearing. We can do it again.