Kelly Dulak

umm..i haven't really been here lately (mainly because the moderators are faschists..hahaha), and i probably won't be posting much unless they loosen their grips. These are the type of people that really bother me.. One of the greatest, most original new banda out there: MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE. go buy their shite now, biotch.. bwahaha. other great bands: Marilyn Manson, the Smashing Pumpkins, NIN, Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, System of a Down, Placebo (my friend is absolutely and hopelessly obsessed with them..if i had pictures of her room i'd show them..), Radiohead, Pennywise and Ours. Go visit other people now, i'm boring. Angeline M. Mauri Emily C. V. Kaelin Cathleen 'Mangacat' Hsu Kat Wilson Flora Rowzivitch Sarah J. Collver Tristan Bronkhorst Stephanie Germain Angie Kang Ricky O'Keefe Jillian F. Ostertag (very cute punks!!) font>