Kellie Winter

this is kellie. i hate biographies. i'd rather talk about me right now than the past seventeen years. things i care about are people, animals, playing guitar, writing, freedom of expression and religion and all that, politics (a little), listening to music, stalking, being vain, etc. i don't feel like putting up a self-portrait or a photo of me. i've been told i'm pretty and i've been told i'm ugly. i have pink/orange/purple curly hair and pale skin. i don't know what color my eyes are, but they're somewhere in between blue and green and grey. i really like playing my guitars. i have an old guild d40 and a fender stratocaster. i really love listening to music. maybe that should go closer to the top of my list at the beginning. i don't feel like listing all my favorite bands because there are about a million, ranging from old stuff by our lady peace to finch to bella morte. thursday, thrice, alkaline trio, rasputina, switchblade symphony, finch, brand new, nirvana, weakerthans, anti-flag, sugarcult, poison the well, open hand. crikey. i wasn't going to even try listing them. the ataris, from autumn to ashes, the early november, american hi-fi, breaking pangaea. i'm stopping now. i'll never be able to list them all. i also like writing a lot. i write poems and long prose, but not many short stories because short stories are really hard to write well. right now i'm really enjoying silverchair's album freak show. can you tell that i hate biographies? i'm going to be uploading more in a little. got to draw some new stuff first, eh? it's time to bake cookies.