Kelly Land

Alright folks- 2004, my Senior year of high school. Yes, I'm back to the Elfwood world, beautiful, neh? I plan on drawing more now... I have few updates- but it's just to let ya'll know that yes, I'm still alive. This Saturday is Band Competition. Oh joy- yes, I know. I'm taking College Algebra this year. -just thought I might add that. Josh- my wonderful boyfriend- moved to Texas for me. Things have been great and we get to see eachother nearly every day. He's very supportive in everything I do (even though some of them he still doesn't understand WHY I do them) and he loves me very much. This year will be a very busy year, to say the very least. I really don't draw as often as I did last year. I can remember last year, I went through atleast 4 notebooks- totalling around 200 or so pages. Yeah, that's right- I have much more stuff then this. Actually- I need to take down a lot of this art, so for those of you that might miss my old stuff- feel free to save it to your hard drive, if you're an artist and one of my friends- I've already done that w/ all of ya'lls art also. I might be going to some European nation this summer, who knows. I can't even remember the place! ^_^: Some islands... that Darwin studied at. My best friend Kendra and I don't hang out as much as we'd like, but we're still together atleast- even if it is notes that we have to base most of our friendship on. SO much is going on w/ her and I wish the best for her. Alright, enough of that. Some shout outs and thank you's--- Some other people that really mean a lot to me are my parents, my sister, Josh Norris, Rena Hart, Steve M., Kendera M. and her b/f Nick, Bobby S.,Mace, Jon, Amanda A.,Kandice F., Courtney J., Danny Boy., Glaze, Josh Hoggard, Chris Lowe, Joe West, Keif M., Traci S., Brandon M., Venny, Lailah, Daniella, Bobo, SO MANY PEOPLE! and Jessie R., ADTCH (my long lost son returned to me, hehehe), Casey and Bethany (Josh's siblings),Chris Brantley, Katie from band camp, Angie from band camp, Jennifer L., Megan P., all of my band family members, Konnie, Elizabeth T., Brian L.,Aiko, my band family, Katie, Angie, and plenty more people. Hehehe! Some friends on elfwood that I'd like to say big thanks to are: Paul J. Townsend,MiDnIgHt (Yes I still remember yew!), William (Pill)-keep him in your prayers please..., Andrea Shao-Wen, Robin Mills, Nicole Hessheimer and most of all Cara To (and Carl!). Alright- that'll sum it up for now. oh yeah- my new picture? I look different, neh? Hehehe- the last picture I had up there was 2 years old- of course I look different. Back to my natural hair colour. Love ya'll and please leave comments! I'll make sure to reply! -K-bug