Kelly Nichols

So this is my fan art page. I rarely do fan art, but every blue moon comes along and I'll do fan art. Some of this art is REALLY old, and some of this is brand new.

Dreaming Nightmare

Part of English poetry project I had to do. This was the ballet for the thing. Whee. I not very good at writing poetry . . . oh well.

Unknown Shadow

What could it be? Hm? ^_^ It could some evil dragon . . . or some deamon . . . thing. I haven't quite figured it out yet . . .

You and I (poem)

No clue why I thought of this. I wrote this right after I wrote my nymph poem. Oh well. I usually don't do poems, they're just not my thing. But this in a way does have some odd reason to it. I think I should have added more. Oh well.


Written in school during a poem exercise.

Nymph (poem)

Each paragraph is about a different person in my Legend of a Silver Moon story. The different trait thingys represent which stone they have. I'm not really a poem person, but in way I like how this turned out.