Kelsey Scott

Name: Kelsey Dawn Scott Meaning: 'Island of the Ships' 'Sunrise' 'Of Scottish Origin' :B Age: 17 Birthdate: February 21st, 1985 Zodiac: Pisces, year of the Ox. (Bullfish?) Class in D&D: Bard or Paladin Song Listening To Right Now: The Buffy Musical 'Once More With Feeling'. (W00T!) Current Haircolor: Brown with the ends blonde. Someday hopes to: Make a web/real comic. Quote of the Moment: 'I'm thinking Nybbas, just because I like the blowing up the milktruck idea.'~CoreyElfwood people Kelsey actually KNOWS: (people she admires and does not know listed on her other pages.) Mélanie Parisé is known to me as Pixle-sama. She's an online friend of mine, and I didn't even know her real name until she showed me her elfwood gallery. XD Pixle rocks. No two ways about it, man. Plus, she loves Monkey Island. How can you NOT love someone who loves Monkey Island?! Liz Nanney is an offical member of our gaming group, dispite living so very far away. Julie A. Branham Ahkay, so I don't really 'know' her, she's Liz's buddy... but sometimes she's there when I talk to liz, and she's an awsome artist! BOW TO HER COLORING! Quinn Rose Quinn has an ultrashibby name. *_* Anyway, Quinnster is a great writer. Go, pester him to write more! :D