Kristin Screaming Fan Girl' Morgan

Meow? am i doin' this right? well if you can read this i am-- go me! ^^ i like Folken-Sama, an' du-kun and hee-chan (cos they're yaoi) and i like Tai/nipple clamp yumpy, an' Ashura-Ou, an' yasha ou (too bad he's not bi, huh?) i 'm currently obsessed with Escaflowne (escaflownaze :P) that's why i like Folken-Sama, i think captain dork-kirk is really REALLY fugly an' they should've kept a paper sack over Alen's nappy head. :P His momma dresses him funny too! (I'm 15 and I live in Pahflugervil, Bush-Country in the US) whatever