I am a happily married father of one small daughter, with a long background in role playing games, science fiction and fantasy reading, and certain types of horror. I enjoy old horror authors such as H. P. Lovecraft, Poe, and the other pulp authors who wrote for publications such as Weird Tales, as well as their recent followers such as Stephen King and Robert Bloch. I have only recently returned to doing fantasy art, such as the character sketches and mostly horror oriented pointillistic doodles I used to draw while gaming. My wife, Rondel, joined Elfwood a while back, and has been encouraging me to do so as well. I wasn't sure at first if I belonged here, but the seed had been planted, and here you see the results. The site has once again served its purpose, and encouraged a closet artist to come out and share their artwork with the world. So -- here is mine.