Holly Kennedy

name: see above favorite color: blue favorite movie: the crow...and natural born killers favorite ice cream: chocolate chip mint character name: magdelena favorite type of drawing style: anime mostly...normally in pencil do i sleep with a stuffed animal?: damn straight...a bunny to be a matter of fact... birthday: september 29th i took a quiz to see what celtic goddess i am... turns out i'm most like Cetnenn, an Irish Goddess of War. oh yeah i rule....she's supposed to be aggressive and stuff...so don't get on my bad side...:-)and i live in canada......yay EDIT: i haven't been here in a while. i've been concentrating on my deviantart page which is listed as my own art gallery on the web. so if you wanna see more of my stuffs then is listed here then go to that link cause it's where most of my time and energy go. thanx