Ken Tawara

Hi, How is it going people? I'm Ken Tawara nice to meet you all. I attend Rensselar Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and I'm at my 3rd year here going for my biology degree. I must say, there hasn't been much time to draw, but that can also be associated with too much computer gaming :). I started to draw when I was in high school, and it mainly just began as an attempt to draw something attractive, pretty or pleasant to look at. My first attempts failed miserably, but as time went on I matured, and so did my art. So I guess it's now been like 6 years since I started drawing on and off. Considering the time, it really isn't all that impressive with the skill level I am at right now. I definitely do need to build up my technical skills much higher, as it is rather dismal, but better than it used to be. That also doesn't say much either because it doesn't take much to draw better than stick figures and vague collection of lines that might be a face of a person or maybe a watermelon :-P. I also never had any formal training as far as art goes, and never took art classes at school or any other place. Teaching yourself is hard, confusing and often depressing, but after a while you hit a point when you actually improve. There are many artists that have influenced my art, and some include Masamune Shirow, Kazushi Hagiwara, and many anime/manga artists. You can tell that there is a strong anime influence to my art, and the main way improved was to study how these artists drew the lines, to create a picture. I also observed people in real life and studied people’s proportions. I also looked at pictures and studied them. Improving my art skill involves a lot of studying and from what I can tell more studying improves my art faster than just plainly drawing mindlessly. Right now I'm trying to improve my ability to draw motion, and color on paper. I am not very good at depicting a moving person on paper, as it is very complex. It's not like a ball that's falling, there are just tons of things that needs to be taken in account and subtle movements with people is very hard to depict as there are some movements in the shoulders when you walk or tons or other things. It basically has to do with the ability to animate with key frames in 3dsMax or other 3d programs. I'm really bad with key frame animation, which probably also translates into my lack of skill of being able to depict movement on paper. As you look through my gallery you'll see a host of flawed pictures and poor CG attempts. That's not to say that they aren't good art, they just lack skill... A lot of skill. Like the only one colored one I have is pretty bad, and all pictures in my gallery have flaws from anatomical flaws to pose, detail, depth, and definitely composition. Most of my pictures are very poorly composed... Oh well, maybe I'll get better in the distant future :) My life goals are to improve my art, but more importantly, do molecular biological research to develop a way... 1). To slow aging by restoring DNA damage in cells, and of mDNA in mitochondria. 2). To improve quality of life. 3). Cure some of the genetic disorders. 4). Improve cancer prevention and eradication of cancer cells. 5). Prevent the degradation of dopaminergic systems in Parkinson’s disease. and these are just some of my potential goals here :) Anyways enjoy my gallery.