Arielle Keener *QueenMidnight*

Ok so I’m an age 19 sophomore in college right now and I absolutely love drawing. I used to really suck at it. I could barely pull off stick figures. I'm serious. I practiced a ton and am drawing a lot better. Reading fantasy and belonging to a fantasy guild in my community inspires me to draw fantasy. My favorite authors are Mercedes Lackey, Tamora Pierce, Garth Nix and Stephenie Meyer. My goals in life right now are to get my bachelor from SLU and possibly get my masters and phd there or someone else. I live on a small farm and I love my cats! I'm completely addicted to fruit rollups and I love running cross-country. Why you ask do I like running? My new excuse is I am a glutton for punishment...anyway I have fun annoying my little sister and my favorite past time is hanging out with my friends from the YMCA, my boyfriend Adam, and my great friends CATMA TADA at SLU. I love playing soccer and ultimate frisbee with friends and also F16 online. I like running through wide grassy open fields and climbing trees. Basically I’m a tree hugger. Oh and I’m extremely accident prone and directionally challenged sometimes…I also have ADHD.