Kerrith Johnson

07/25/00 Hello again! This message is for anyone who checks my gallery and cares about it. I know I haven't got any new stuff up yet but I've just been doing some other things and I'll get some stuff up soon. Also I'm writing as well as drawing the story for my comic so I may put up parts of that also with pictures. So anyway just a small update so you know I'm alive! Kerrith 11/23/00 Hey everyone just so you know I'm alive, I've finally put up another picture and I am also thinking of joining the writing side of Elfwood to post my story.(Which most of my pictures surround) Anyhoo I've added a new picture and I'm taking a course in life drawing so hopefully I'll have better pics up soon! CYA! Kerrith. 08/08/01 11:00 PM Canada Hello all I have a fan art gallery now up in fan quarter which has my fanart which was removed. =) Also this summer I've taken yet again more art courses! Figure drawing 1 and Animation Basics. Both at the best place in the world for animation. Sheridan College! Anhoo hopefully(yet again) this will improve my artwork. Hopefully more updates to come and the story is still coming. Kerrith