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Done for my friend on Elftown. This is one of her RPG characters, Raeven. Done in pencil. NAME: true name unknown ALIAS: Raeven MUTATION (POWERS): Can “shift” skin colours, which includes her wings and tail and usually eye colour as well. Her limitation is that she can only shift one colour at a time… she cant do shades or multiple colours. She can also mimic textures but only to a fine degree. She can do anything extremely textured, only very lightly. She can also fly and when she flies fast enough she can teleport, though she has to be going extremely fast and not only does it completely exhaust her to the point of near coma, but she's only done it once, so its unlikely she'll do it again unless in great, great need. AGE: Appears to be 19 DESCRIPTION OF BODY (BUILD, HEIGHT, UNIQUE FEATURES, ETC.): about 5'6 and very thin, rather streamline. She's very agile and rather quick as well. Her natural skin colour is a very dark blue. She has massive wings that are dark grey in natural colour, and a spaded tail. She has four toes, three in front and one on the heel, which have extendable claws that are naturally black, sort of like her fingernails (no claws, but somewhat extendable and black). She also has pointed ears. HAIR COLOR AND STYLE: Black, and cut sorta like a boy's… rather short, though she has bangs which she has in segments about her forehead, and a rather long bit of hair that goes in front of her ears and comes a little below her chin. EYE COLOR: very light blue RELATIVES: none known ETHNITICITY: unknown… presumed Caucasian of Welsh decent HISTORY: She is a foundling and knows nothing about her parents or family of any kind. For a time she was raised by the woman who had found her, but showed her no love, simply keeping her alive until the Catholic church found her and abused her appearance, calling her an angel. After many years of much abuse she finally escaped and made her way to America, where she had heard rumours of a place where she might feel safe, and so found her way to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. ANY SERIOUS PHYSICAL OR MENTAL CONDITIONS: well, she's quite paranoid if that counts. Other than that, no HOBBIES: none really. She prefers to be completely alone, though she enjoys singing, flying and watching the moon, simple things of those sort PERSONALITY: extremely paranoid of others, cant stand to be in their presence and nearly never speaks to them (mutant or… em… normal person). She desperately desires to be able to trust again, and to love and be loved, but she's too frightened she'll get hurt again. She tends to shake rather violently when put in the spotlight and only fights when her life is threatened. She's very, very quiet and to herself. ANY PETS: no OTHER: none

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