Sean Creasey

I have been interested in writing stories for several years but have never had the effort to try and finish anything i start. I get my ideas from real life events and games set in fantasy landscapes, each because it is something i cannot truly live in but have been fascinated by since a younger age. My main goals for the coming years are to be motivated enough to finish several chapters of the novel i am currently writing and i believe that i will finally be able to do that, other goals include getting good grades and being part of something I believe in. I used to be able to paint but gave it up in favour of playing the Keyboard and guitar, there being only so many hours in each day.

The Darkness Within

 A Short and currently rough story of a necromancer's visit to a city and the subsequent events.

Tales of the Undercrypt - Vraaja and the mage

An unfinished piece being written about Vraaja the tomb raider and his luckless exploits in the bowels of the earth. I am unsure where to go with this or if it is worth continuing.