Memnon the Sorceror

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Kevin Domangue

This is my second attempt at this pic. The first was about a decade ago, but my fund of knowledge of anatomy was lacking back then and doomed the pic from the start. It really was awful in a nasty sort of way. When I think of how I drew the buttocks.... ::shudder:: Whew. Recently however, with $150,000 of med school courses behind me, I felt both the confidence and the farfegnugen to tackle the theme again. It also bears mentioning that this time I used my own, um, incredibly muscled back as a reference -- it bears a remarkable resemblance to the pic... but you have to move all the back hair out of the way to really see it. Actually, I sorta exaggerated some of the back muscles here in order to make it freaky, but by and large it's pretty anatomically accurate. And the buttocks look heavenly, if I do say so myself. 'Memnon'. I always loved that name; it evokes an image of power and presence. Actually, it's the name of a famous ancient Ethiopian warrior. In fact, Homer (ie, The Iliad, The Odyssey) named one of his major characters out of tribute to Memnon: Agamemnon, which means 'even greater than Memnon'. Or at least that's what my Greek Lit professor told us. It's probably obvious that this sorceror didn't hang out with the rest of the nerdy, scrawny wizards at L'Academe de Magick. This dude worked out, was probably one of those bully wizards that hung out with the wrong crowd, cut class, intimidated the teachers, and took the other students' lunch money. The tattoo alone bespeaks a troubled teen crying out for help. If only someone had listened. We all know that often the only difference between an evil sorceror and a kindly wizard is a caring guidance counselor. Hm, the wizard with the staff is probably one of his old classmates, come back after all these years to demand an apology for the time Memnon yanked his pants down in front of the entire student body in the school cafeteria. I debated long on whether to use ink on this one after I'd done it in pencil. I sorta regret the decision to ink it since I think the pencil sketch defined better musculature, and allowed me to use thick and thin lines at will. I can't do that yet with ink. We're talking rudimentary pen skills here. The trade-off, however, is that ink brings better overall clarity. Ah, bugger it. So here again the 100k limit forces me to submit a pic of the very lowest quality possible using modern-day computers. erm, Sorry. I'm gonna look into getting my own webpage and uploading my pics onto it in better clarity. I love Elfwood, but, dude, that 100k thing is killin me. The background figures look like I drew them with black crayon and vasoline. Comments? Questions? Contempt?

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