Kevin Ng

Who am I? One of the most elemental and ancient questions that man has ever asked. Who am I? This page calls me Kevin Ng. My parents call me Kevin. So do my friends. Other people call me things that can only be reproduced on paper with various pound and dollar signs, percent symbols, exclamation marks and assorted astericks. I don't call myself anything because sane people don't talk about themselves in the third person =) Not that that's entirely true of course. Everyone talks to themselves, if not out loud then in the head. We're all prone to those frequent slips of common sense and reason. Life would be boring otherwise. What then would separate us from that artificially intelligent android next door? Many artists are strange and try weird and stupid things, but oddly enough, from weird and stupid things arises a beauty that other weird (and stupid? I don't know) people will dedicate their lives to studying and writing extended essays and dissertations on. I do many stupid things and hope to one day call myself an artist. Below is a sample of all the stupid things I have done. Maybe one day a fellow will come along and write a thesis on why I made them. (He'll also be able to decipher my exact location and living address by refering to the little dot on the adjacent map.)