Kevin McCalla

What could have possibly led you here? Did you take the red pill? Were you guided by fate? Perhaps the hand of God himself has directed you here. But none of that matters now. The fact is that you're here, there is no turning back. You're in my world now. You may not like it here. Few will find comfort in this darkness. It's like the chill of an early fall, creeping up on you when you would least expect it. But please, endure the darkness. Remember that the dullest light shines all the brighter when engulfed in shadow. You are now one of the characters in my world. You will meet several different characters on your journeys here. You will hear their stories, and be able to comment on what you see and hear. Your comments may have an effect on the characters and what happens to them. Your stay here, though brief, is very well appreciated. It is so rare that we get visitors here. Always remember to seize the day, for you know not what the night will bring. oh! and visit me at Elftown! All thats bright must fade The brightest still the fleetest. And all thats sweet was made But to be lost when sweetest. -Edward Bulwer-Lytton Influences: Authors: William Shakespeare Edgar Allan Poe Anne Rice J.R.R. Tolkien George Orwell Artists: Yoshitaka Amano Ayami Kojima Vincent Van Gogh Luis Royo