Oliver Nøglebæk

I'm too busy to write my own bio so my friend Alexander did it: If I were to describe Oliver with three words, I would choose small, irritating and amazing. Small because he is… small, about 1.70 or so. Irritating because he is constantly pulling my leg (literally), and because he is a spoiled single-child. He is amazing because of his constant energy and creativity. Because he is my friend and because he can draw. The town he lives in is called “Over Draaby” and is a small village in the northern part of Denmark. He lives there with his mother (who is an excellent cook), his father (who is quite peaceful, except when someone tries to beat him with a fence-pole) and their two cats (who are... cuddly). For as long as I have known Oliver (about 7 years), he has always been drawing. Back in primary school he was almost always working on some sketch or drawing, often during classes. Much to the irritation of the teachers. Many a drawing were made in long, boring, german lessons. He drew his inspiration from many things. Our mutual interest in role-playing was a huge source of inspiration (just take a look at Ford) and so was our mutual interest in science-fiction and fantasy books. We actually met up at our local youth-school, both of us taking role-playing “lessons”. Role-playing has been an continuing interest and source of inspiration for us both. He found material for his drawing and I for my writing. Many a drawing has come up from sessions and books about Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire the Masquerade, Mage the Ascension, Shadowrun, etc. After primary school, he went on to high-school while I went to Canada for a year. One year later I joined him there. Throughout high-school he has kept up his interest in drawing (creating this gallery during second year) and has done so to this day. He still draws his inspiration from basically the same things, role-playing, books (though he no longer reads as much fantasy, except for Lord of the Rings and Terry Pratchett (Discworld)), miniature-wargames (for the initiated: Warhammer 40k), and his own (moderately twisted) mind. -Alexander Munck Update 03/10-02: I've had a four month stay at an art school, taking courses in comicbooks, oil and acrylic painting, photography and drawing, hopefully it has helped my style... Then I was conscripted for three months of firefigther training and now i study nanotechnology at the Univeristy of Århus. Update 06/09-03: Nanotech didn't do it for me so I've switched to chemistry. I've also started on a lot of larping. Update 29/08-04: University sucked, so I quit, currently unemployed, but has more time for art.