Kate Harrison

Goddesses protect me! This place was in SERIOUS need of a good spring cleaning!So, out with a lot of old junk, and In with a whole new selection of pretty fan art for you. Now, I say 'selection' because what you see here, is only a tiny sample of what I've got going on in my other gallery at Deviant Art.So, if you like what you see (and I certainly hope you do!) please, please, please, please take a moment to drop by: http://the-infamous-padfoot.deviantart.com/gallery/ (its also right there, in 'artist Links'  under 'own gallery')Oh, and feel free to leave me any messages/comments/questions by e-mail or comment or whatever means you prefere. I read, and appriciate them all very much!Take care now, my darlings!And may the Triforce be with you... ^_~