Hey there, thanks for visiting my gallery! =] I'm 19 years old and from the north of Scotland. I am very much into fantasy, especially myths and folklore. I also live manga, my lovely ginger horse Amber and playing the clarsach or Scottish harp.My drawings are mainly based on an as of yet nameless book I'm writing. The main storyline is about a teenage girl called Angelika (Ika) who becomes one of the first female to be admitted for training to become a Chaystra Knight, or basically the most elite of the elite warriors of the great Empire of Taltaka. The training is near impossible and only very few are acceepted for the 6 years of training.Out of the other 4 chosen to undergo training are twin boys called Solaramen (Solar) and Lunarathen (Lunar), so called for their bright gold and silver hair.  They are almost complete opposites, Solar being bold and arrogant and Lunar being modest and shy. Ika and Lunar become great friends and eventually lovers, strange considerning Ika's ice cold heart and hate of people.The twist of the story is that Ika discovers that she is in fact helf Kelpie, a horrific mythical beast that feeds on human flesh and can transform into any equine or human shape. This accounts for her superhuman strength and incredible beauty (not to mention her very warrior-like thirst for blood)This obviously has huge implications for Ika and Lunar...If you have any questions about my stroy please feel free to ask =]Any comments will be very welcome Kirsty xxxxxx I like horse riding, I am lucky enough to have a beautiful 15,1hh bright chestnut thoroughbred mare called Amberella (or Amber) I also like manga and playing the clarsach at weddings and things which is always fun (you make lots of money) =] Favourite movies Final Fantasy-Advent Children, Lord of the Rings, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, The Cat Returns and many more Favourite books All the Tamora Pierce books, they have been a HUGE influence to me over the years and The Wind Singer sieries Favourite music Placebo (I love them a little too much), Dido, Goldfrapp, Linkin Park, Snow Patrol, Muse and I also like traditional Scottish music and some classical