Brad Rivera

...You dare venture into my dark and hallowed corner of the 'Woods... ? So be it... *maniacal laughter echoes through the forest* For those interested, I was born in November of '83, tend to look about three years younger than I am, and divide my time between work and solitude. I am still without an interest in carcinogens, hallucinogens, intoxicants, or any other substance foreign to the body- with the exception of the almighty CAFFEINE. I'm a wiry, antisocial kinda guy, not big on spending time with humans, or reality for that matter.I do enjoy every creative escape from said reality that I get, be it in my drawing, writing, modding, talking with online friends, or simply spending time with other sentient life forms who've successfully convinced me they're not 100% homosapien.I'm currently working on a novel- I'm sure you can figure that out from the characters depicted below.I'm also learning game design & programming, and perhaps one day my ideas will make it to the software shelves. I have a few different projects in mind, ranging from your standard FF-style RPG to some intricate and complex schemes that my own computer 'Dell Diablo' couldn't hope to complete.   I enjoy drawing robots, landscapes & scenery, bizarre creatures, and especially anthromorphs - cat-folk most of all. Most of these come from my novel, but there are a few random ones floating around. Rianna and her predecessor Risa, Saul Ryker, Phedreus, and Ceres Nightcloud to name a few (although I don't know if Ceres counts since he's from the same world- just a different side of it).   In addition to my art here, I encourage you to have a look at my other websites:Writing.Com PortfolioKRS ModWorks (Morrowind Modding)