Xail Ristar

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Brad Rivera

*Taken from the intro to a writing.com campfire* 'There was a time when dragons were a great and united race, flying the skies freely and not bothering with the other races that crawled the ground beneath them. But around them, the humans and other races began to fight amongst each other, and many believed that the key to winning their own war was to dominate the dragons. And soon, the dragons began to turn their attention to these smaller races, curiousity gaining hold of them. After a time, the dragons too were drawn into the war. But they were split; the light dragons wishing to aid the humans to bring peace to their lands, not wanting to force their own will upon them, and some of the light dragons wanted nothing to do with them at all. But the dark dragons believed that only through conquering the humans could they end the battles of foolish mortals, and set about doing so. But it was not until they clashed over the battlefield that the two dragons truly separated, leaving both sides with a lingering bitterness.' Xail was once a mighty draconic paladin of light. He fought valiantly in this first war, and in the end became overconfident, leading to his capture. For a thousand years, he was imprisoned in the deepest dungeons the humans could find, forced to waste away in utter darkness. The cells and prisons above him were used as torture chambers, and for a thousand years he was forced to endure the screams of agony from above. It was then that he decided a race so perverse, that would commit such atrocities on its own people, had to be destroyed. The fires of destruction and hate were lit within his eyes, and they have not faded since. He will only be satisfied when the human race is extinct- he does not seek war, he persues genocide.

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