HEY ALL YOU CRAZY KIDS MY MAIN GALLERY IS NOW HERE --> SO SORRY I HAVN'T BEEN REPLYING TO COMMENTS AND STUFF MY EMAIL STOPPED WORKING SO I DIDNT RECIEVE NOTIVICATIONS BUT I LOVE EVERY ONE OF MY COMMENTS AND THEY MEAN SO MUCH TO ME THANK YOU ALL YOU GUYS WHO HAVE LOOKED HERE AND COMMENTED, YOU KIDS ARE TEH BEST 8D Hey guys... if anyone is still out there...?i really apologize for never updating, i got a deviantART account, and that basically stole me away from here for a while, but i came back on here, and i guess my email stopped working 'cause i saw all these comments i had not been notified about and i felt so sad, i want to reply D:so here i am. i am going to update. yes, i, for any of you who still watch me or whatever, hey! leave comments, i would love to hear from you again, and, idk, enjoy the new art?c: