Kimberly Bennett (a.k.a Moon_Fox)

I am 23, very short (5'0')I have brown hair and eyes. My name is Kim, Kimmy, or Munchkin depending on who you are. I enjoy writing because I love to expand other people's imaginations. I want to show them the images in my head, and I try to 'paint' that picture for them. I can create many, many places in my head and I desire greatly for them to be real, but this is as close as I can get.  I wrote most of these stories or poems when I was 14 or 15.  I then moved on to writing things more about human rights and images that were not so fantastical, so they didn't really belong on Elfwood.I obtained a degree in Creative Writing from Stephens College and am currently getting a teaching degree in English.  Later I intend to get a Masters in English and Philosophys ince I also write to question -everything-. I've decided to plug my favorite writers, cause I think they all deserve it. Audrey-san!aka Audrey Wildhagen Audrey has -wonderful- stories, and poems for that matter. I don't know what I'd do without her, she's one of my best friends. She's the one who really got me intrested in writing. I've also known her the longest, six years.Juliana Davila Juls is also a very good writer,and artist. She's the first one to offer to draw one my my characters. I dunno what I'd do without her either, she's a really good friend. Ric Rastoskey A very funny guy, and good writer, of course. *Kicks the people who don't read chapter stories* I always follow his chapter stories, they are too good, gah! I know what I'd do without him, I would be able to get rid of all my ear plugs.Megan Larson What can I say about Meg? She's silly, good friend too. Oh yes, and a blonde. ( I'm gonna die now.) Her story is very, very good.. I'm hooked on it, although I haven't read it in a long time.  David Grant I don't know him very well, but he's a -very- good writer, to say the least. -.- He calls me his ego feeder becuase I keep telling him how much I love his stories. Well ya know what? :P They are good so you're staying on here. *pokes people to read them*  I like Reading, writing, music, art, movies, stars, thinking, psychology, Philosophy, logic, science, video games, PS2, Wii, PS3. Favourite movies Doctor Who! Favourite books Enders game series, and Sevenwaters Trilogy. Favourite music Metal, rock, classical, Celtic, New Age, 80s, bagpipes, heavy metal, a little death metal. Bands such as Dredg, Opeth, Green Day, Green Carnation, Tartanic, Stamitz, Beethoven, and lots of others


A poem about the night sky, and humanity.


A story about a man feeling the death of a ghost.

A homicide of Liberation'

A poem about thieves destroying and taking land.

Blood Moon

An angel and demon with a forbidden love.. or is it just lust?

Enchanted Garden'

What happens after the story ends.


Image is about everything. You just have to find the hidden meaning to realize it.

Empty Music'

A poem about death visiting a dying person. Obviously thinking about death in a musical sense.

The Gods made a mistake

Just something I cooked up in about an hour, maybe less.

Ever Wondering

This is a very short story about a fairy being betrayed by others like herself.


This story was based on a picture of an eye done by a friend mine named Jonathan. I just made a small comment about it and it took off from there. Thanks for the inspiration. ;)


This thing took me two hours, can you tell my muse decided to keep leaving?

Damn you wind; to slit a throat

A story about a man seeking revenege on his sister, but the wind saves her.

Murder by Devastating Dreams

A story inspired by Audrey Wildhagen. She gave me the idea about two years ago, and said I could use it. I didn't use it until recently, and also had her write on it too. Our stories were quite different. Idea: A girl is so in love with a vampire it's ridiculus. She finally finds one and he completely rejects her.


A story of a sci-fi character.

Dare the moon'

This poem is called a translitic poem. It is 'translated' from a foregin language, although the person has no clue what the other poem says. The title I used was french, and was called 'Clair de Lune'. I somehow managed to get a conversation going to between different gods and goddess' of different backgrounds because htey knew one was decieving the others. And they least suspected the moon because she was beautiful.

Ocean Calling'

A poem about the ocean calling to someone.

The Vampire Leader

I wrote this a little while ago, and thoughtI had a better idea, and rewrote it. Come to find out that the other one sucked and I hope this one is better.


This is a story about paintings in a gallery. What if they were real, but wew trapped behind glass? What would they say? One speaks.


A poem/kinda not poem story thing, it's kinda both really...

Thief of fire

My brandy new chapter story ^_^.

Glass of Red Wine

I was bored so, I said, ' Maybe I'll write a short story.' So I did and I kinda like the outcome of it.

Or maybe not

This was hard to write, may not look like it, but it was. I had all the images in my head, but maybe I had a block. I dunno.. It was hard though. O.o

Blood Moon (The Forbidden)'

Goes with the story..


A sonnet, last line has 12 syllables, but, it's a very important line. A caroisel is tierd of being still so it breaks free and is punished.

Morbid Wonderland

A very, very weird version of Alice in Wonderland.

More Morbid Wonderland

More Morbid Wonderland, the vampire and the girl get a little close ;)Oo Love tension.

I should have said 'die'.

Hm read it and you'll see *evil grin*

Dark Lashes; Death in the Stars

A story about the ocean and the stars.

Knock, Knock, Little One

A person having problems tring to decided to face her fears, or not.

Lilac Eyes

Oh my gods.. a non death/scary story. *faints*

Path To Payback

A story I wrote at 2 am. Theme: Enjoy the simple things in life.

La da da

A dark ballerina, a rainbox garden, a dark forest, and a twist. Reminds me of the Twilight Zone...

Fear it'


Jealous is the Night'

A poem made from descriptions in Morbid Wonderland.

Flower Dreams

A poem I worte for my teacher about a pretty place with faes. She told me to write something happy.

Ring Around the Rosie

What is the -true- story behind human creation. Dunno, but here's a theory.

Crimson Goddess

Am immortal has been trapped in a sanctuary for 10,000 years and is freed and sees how earth is soiled.

Doll of Blood

A story of a girl dying.

Enchanted Garden

It's rather freaky...