Yes people It seems I finally got off my lazy butt and did some new works here. I've been busy with school and work of course and I often hang out with my friends and family when I get the time. Questions some of you might have here so I'll answer them. 1. Do you do commissions? Answer: yes I do you can contact me by e-mail. From there we can talk. 2. Can I use your artwork on my page? Answer: yes you can as long as you let me know and give me credit when you do so. Also give the link to my elfwood gallery. 3. Do you do art trades? Answer: yes I do I've done some in the past. I'm going to redo them because I've improved since I drew those pictures. Who inspires me some people ask, Life, Jim Balent,Brom,Donna,Annick, other elfwood artist. I hope to become a artist for the D&D wizards mag and more. I'm currently open for commissions again after finishing the ones I had. If you want a picture done. Feel free to e-mail me.