Sarah Kinder

I started writing ages ago and I still do so when I actually have a bit of time. I like to read and write almost all fantasty/scifi type stuff. To new visitors who want to read *something* : -If you don't know what a pharlan is I'd recommend Illustrated basic anatomy of Pharlans. But you can just jump into one of the short stories such as the Council of the Seven Great Races or The First Hunt too . . . Update -2015 - This page is mostly a backup for my older stories a spot for some of my not so great art. ;). I am working on new material I hope to get published (which means I can't post it here unfortunately).

Illustrated Basic anatomy of pharlans

A scientific document cataloging the basics on the anatomy of the pharlan species. Illustrations hand drawn by me in Adobe Photoshop. - new version (I added the references and some more data)

Council of the Seven Great Races

This story is an introduction to *all* of my non-human races at once. It is set several hundred years after the reign of Bagarinoyan and describes the first formal meeting of the Seven great races. I think I've figured out where I'm going with this one, it may be the first (or possibly second) chapter of another novel . . . :)

Kigrada and the Pact of Dragons

The pact of dragons is a battle between two armies over the future of a planet home to dragons and how one individual can change the course of history.

The First Hunt

A story of a future queen pharlan and her coming of age on her first hunt.

The Pharlan Dictionary

One stop translation shopping for the uninitiated.