Sarah Kinder

I started writing ages ago and I still do so when I actually have a bit of time. Although I like to read almost all fantasty/scifi type stuff, in terms of my own writing I'm obsessive compulsive about my own world and races I've created. Pharlans are my most developed but there are 6 others as well. Background and such on my pharlan race and their home world is available here.The Pharlan Language can be found here - it makes some appearance in my stories. To new visitors who want to read *something* : -If you don't know what a pharlan is I'd recommend Illustrated basic anatomy of Pharlans But you can just jump into one of the short stories such as the Council of the Seven Great Races or The First Hunt too . . . -I am looking for comments on The Changed ones and Sagra mostly as they are the newest with few comments.-If you have a lot of time and want to read Rising Wings that would be great too! (especially if you can get to the end!) I try to follow the 'Code of Honorable Commenting' here at the wood. It consists of two rules:#1 I will return comments to anyone who comments one one of my works. i.e. if you comment on one of my stories I will comment on one of yours. (although if you read a 2 page story of one of mine and then have only 15 pages on your site it might take me a while to get back to you . . .) :) - I have gotten a bit worse on this though I will make an effort to visit commenter's stories when time permits. #2 I return comments with like number and quality. Comment on 4 of my stories and I will make every effort to comment on 4 of yours (It may take me a while though). If you leave nice detailed constructive criticism I will do my best to do the same for your works. I will tend to bias towards stories and poetry over graphic arts since these are more my area and stories seem to get very few comments compared to art . . . Links I've been slow on this linking thing so bear with me. Mandy E. Burnham-Makes lovely stories - Read "Of Magic and Wings" - You know you want to.Keith D. Brooks Jr.-His magnum opus is the Prandoran Chronicles - go on over and take a gander! Patricia M. D'Angelo - An awesome start to a novel and some fascinating shorter works. D Joelle Duran-An excellent writer and reviewer, also does lovely (and hilarous) art - check her fiction press page! Gotta love it! :)  UPDATES-13 May 2008 - Added Chapter 14 of Rising WingsWhat I'm Working on .  . .Chapter 15 of Rising Wings (may or may not be posted)Continuation of sagra/trillia and/or chapter 11.5 of rising wings

Illustrated Basic anatomy of pharlans

A scientific document cataloging the basics on the anatomy of the pharlan species. Illustrations hand drawn by me in Adobe Photoshop. - new version (I added the references and some more data)

Council of the Seven Great Races

This story is an introduction to *all* of my non-human races at once. It is set several hundred years after the reign of Bagarinoyan and describes the first formal meeting of the Seven great races. I think I've figured out where I'm going with this one, it may be the first (or possibly second) chapter of another novel . . . :)

Kigrada and the Pact of Dragons

The pact of dragons is a battle between two armies over the future of a planet home to dragons and how one individual can change the course of history.

The First Hunt

A story of a future queen pharlan and her coming of age on her first hunt.

The Pharlan Dictionary

One stop translation shopping for the uninitiated.