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Going from left to right:Jorie Vansein Bard CN Male Human Blonde hair Blue Eyes 5’6” 150lbs Age: 28 Deity: Shaundakul (later Tymora) Weapons: 2 jeweled magic daggers made by the Yuan Ti to open a cursed treasure vault, masterwork long sword, light crossbow. masterwork fiddle Armor: Mithral Chain Shirt Home: Western Heart Lands, Scornubel Languages: Common, Elven, Chondathan Jorie is a fiercely independent and stubborn man, known to upend alcohol and curse freely. Grew up as the son of a caravan master, he unfortunately fell out of favor and almost ended up hanged for a crime he didn’t commit. Had it not been for the extremely and unlikely intervention of Crissor Salem the gnoll paladin he would not be alive today. He carries with him a masterwork fiddle that seems to be able to bless those that Jorie likes. He generally disdains combat preferring his musical magic to help his allies. He still owes his life to Crissor and swore an oath to Crissor Salem and now adventures with the gnoll and his allies a kobold, a dwarven runecaster and a shifter. Even if he still thinks their 'do goodness' will get them killed. Crissor Salem Paladin LG Male Gnoll Black hair Amber eyes 7'2" 285lbs grey and dark brown fur Age 17 Deity: Helm (healthy respect for Yondalla as well. Later follows Torm after Helm's death) Weapons: Solarian Truesteel Longsword, Mithral/Dragon Turtle Hide Heavy Steel Shield, Composite Longbow Armor: Mithral Breastplate Home: Luiren, Chethal Languages: Halfling, Shaaran, Common, Gnoll Crissor Salem is the adopted son of a halfling paladin by the name of Tobias Salem. Tobias retired and lived peacefully in his home lands of Luiren, only to be forced into one more great adventure. This event was the repelling and defeat of a large raiding Gnoll tribe backed secretly by Thayan interlopers, which in the end left only one survivor on the Gnoll's side. A single gnoll cub, no matter what his brethern and few human fellows said Tobias could not bring himself to slay the pup and decided to raise him almost as an experiment. Crissor took to the ageing halfling and has grown up to be a sort of protector to anyone in need of his services. Yet, when he turned 16 Tobias presented him with a special longsword and a large darkwood shield (That got shattered by Thessana). Tobias bade his son it was time to adventure out in the world and show Faerun that it should not judge a book by its cover. Crissor used his influence with halflings to barter Jorie’s neck from its noose (Jorie tried to hoodo the wrong group of Halflings out of thier gold). Koria of the Lost Tribe Ninja/Sorceror NG Female Kobold Hair: None she is a kobold 3’6” 60lbs Unnatural silver skin with blue eyes Age 9 in human years (she is a young adult in kobold years they live long but age to adulthood quickly so she is the equivelant of a 18-24 year old human. And yet a 100 year old kobold would be like a 45-50 year old human) Deity: Bahamut Weapons: Kama, Short Sword, Shortbow Armor: Black body suit, and bracers of armor Home: Thesk, Telflamm Languages: Damaran, Draconic, Common, Undercommon Koria came from the Unapproachable East and collapsed in a broken heap in the city of Telflamm. She was cast out of the Lost Tribe kobolds because of her skin color. She possesses an unnatural agility even for a kobold, and a love for her inborn sorcery. She was soon captured by the Shadowmasters to be sold as a slave. Viewed more as a prize possession then a person, her chains were broken by Crissor Salem and Jorie. They rescued her in the northern Dalelands from the Zhenti that bought her. . Koria just does what she feels is right and often wonders about the harsh treatment Crissor and Thessana sometime receive until their intentions are made clear. She has a weasel familiar named Nif that played a major part in her rescue by Crissor and the weasel loves Jorie's hat. Much to the bard's dismay. Thessana nar Rak of Storm Rain (Rain for short) Fighter CG Female Razorclaw Shifter Hair: Black 6’9” 165lbs Deep Tan skin Green eyes Age: 16 Deity: Tempus Weapons: Darksteel Greatsword, Composite Longbow, Heavy Flail Armor: Leafweave Hide Home: The Shaar, Shaarmid Languages: Common, Calashite, Shaaran Thessana grew up in the Shaar with her fellow shifters until they were forced to flee into Unther (later Tymanther) She has a hatred of slavery, Yuan Ti, snakes and lizardfolk. This has on more then one occasion made her an enemy of those that export slaves. Eventually she was forced to flee Unther and went to find her friend a wemic who lived deep in the Shar. While Crissor was returning to Luiren with Jorie and Koria, she attacked the party thinking the Gnoll and Kobold had taken a human slave. (Jorie was working on his prized wagon cart because its back wheel had fallen off and he insisted he fix it himself.) It took some major convincing but when she witnessed Crissor was pulling his blows, and using his shield to keep her at bay, (Or what was left of it.) two things gnolls were not known for, she settled down and listened to the party. Her hate of cold bloods has softened some around Koria who she has grown to respect, but any evil doer makes her blood boil and she fights her growing rage each day. Her Greatsword was found was found in a cave occupied by Hill Giant. She took the sword (hidden in the giant's pile of refuse) from the Toadsquat Mountains after she used it to behead the monster. Beldred Blackspear Cleric/Runecaster LG Female Gold Dwarf Hair: Black 4’7” 170lbs Dark Brown skin Hazel eyes Age: 66 Deity: Clangeddin Weapons: Fever Iron Dwarven Buckler Axe, Ancestral Dwarven Waraxe, Masterwork Light Crossbow Armor: Living Metal Full Plate, Miner’s Hat of Armor Home: The Great Rift, Eartheart Languages: Common, Dwarven, Celestial, Infernal Beldred is a strong hearted Gold Dwarf. She loves a hearty challenge and good fight, so long as precautions are in place. In a serious fight she strives to keep enemies away from her allies so she can heal them and inscribe her runes into their armor and weapons. If someone gets in her way of that goal she brings down her twin axes in Clangeddin’s name. Even though her chosen life as Runecaster and a cleric she has always been a bit hard to handle even if she isn’t known as a rule breaker. When Dorgin Blackspear found out his old friend Tobias had taken a gnoll cub for a son he scoffed, but still decided to send Beldred to quest with the gnoll as soon as possible. She meet the group shortly after Crissor’s fight with Thessana. She thinks Crissor has been raised well, but Jorie’s lack of commitment to the group, and Koria’s lack of respect for tradition or law or commerce (the one thing she agrees with Jorie on.) irritates her. She is a bit afraid of Thessana, though she won’t say anything about it in public. The Roasted Beacon is a small chain of tavern/trading posts that dot civilized areas in Faerun, with it's HQs in Silverymoon. Unfortunatly this building was accidently burned down to the ground by Koria during a bar brawl. Now to pay off thier debts the party adventures to dangerous locales delievering parcels and Roasted Ale, Tea, and Sweet Bread to patrons. They are currently in Chult helping stop an insane Yuan Ti and his followers. They seem to make strange enemies wherever they go, and even stranger allies.All characters belong to me. DnD, Faerun, and Forgotten Realms are © to Wizard's of the Coast.

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