My name is Cindy Kinard, aka Cindy, Cins, that chick with the red hair..yell one of those things. I'm bound to respond. I'm a graduate student in Theatical Costume Design. In my spare time I like..correction... I LOVE to sketch. I affectionatly refer to my sketches as..'I got bored'. I'm a self taught artist so my stuff sometimes tends to get a little wonky. But I like the think what I lack in skill, I make up with good intentions. I tend to dabble in faries, elves, various fan and RPG/MUSH art, costumes and wardrobe of course, and whatever strikes my fancy in between plays. For a bigger body of my work, please visiting my home page at http:/// I also do comissions. I hope you enjoy what I have here. Please feel free to comment, complement, flame..ehh..maybe not flame.;) ENJOY!