i am 23 years old. i have a one year old baby. i am a jack of all trades when it comes to the art world. the only thing i believe i haven't tried and mastered is ceramics. i am pretty skilled at any sort of art technique thrown my way. i also have a page on  look up 0necromancer0 I like i love music and art of all kinds. i like meeting new people, but i cannot tolerate people who are ignorant or people who are full of negative energy. Favourite movies clockwork orange, the big lebowski, the chronicles of narnia, legend, labyrinth, alice in wonderland, sleeping beauty, lord of the rings, shrek 1&2, sin city, alexander, american psycho, life aquatic, the machinist, the prestige, the departed, pirates of the carribean 1&2, in dreams, what dreams may come, night of the living dead (all versions) the thing, army of darkness, evil dead 1&2, american werewolf in paris&london, house of 1000 corpses, devils rejects, the exorcist, they live, night of the living dead, bad taste, meet the feebles, dead alive, anchorman, neverending story 1&2, requiem for a dream, lost boys, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, wizard of oz, return to oz, the green house, simpsons, assy mcgee, metalocolypse, family guy, aquateen hunger force, fosters home for imaginary friends, harvey birdman, inyuasha, naruto, witch hunter robin, david the gnome, zoobilee zoo, mr. rodgers. captain kangeroo, (old)ninja turtles, thundercats, eureka's castle, he-man, she-ra....and others..... Favourite books catcher in the rye, brave new world, alice in wonderland, wizard of oz, chronicles of narnia, not too much time to read now....the baby doesnt allow it....yet. but yeah...plenty of books, as long as they are ineresting. Favourite music smashing pumpkins, rammstein, p!nk, sigur ros, megaherz, e nomine, nightwish, cradle of filth(in small doses), deathklok, the kovenant, wolfsheim, theatre of tragedy, bjork, fleetwood mac, stevie nicks, thieves of always, universal recovered, mars volta, wumpscut, within temptation, celestial seasons, nine inch nails, mindless self indulgence, moonspell, tristania, moonsorrow, arcana, artrosis.....theres more....i will add them as i remember.