Kirin Stein-Heller

It has been a long time since I've updated, obviously.  My work has progressed with training and a lot of practice.  Please ASK before using any piece of artwork!!   My showing of work is not a free for all to use for RPG pages on a whim.  Just ask!   All of my work is generally 3d-Graphics based, and painted using a wacom 3 tablet.  Learning and working in 3D modeling, texturing and image creation is an extremely labor intensive task, one of which I am still mastering.  Going from "plastic looking" to fantasy realism is a challenge, but one I believe well worth the efforts.  It is simply not an easy way out, or a blender instant gratification process. Though there are arguments on what is painting and what is not, I don't get into that argument.   Though CGI based in a 3d atmosphere, that is just the starting point.  Many of my images spend tons of man hours being airbrushed, the CGI simply a base or sketch if you will.  Please don't ask me or advise to do art another way, this is what I do, and enjoy it incredibly.  Actually as I progress, very little is based in CGI, most background landscaping and animals are all hand painted digitally using the wacom tablet and airbrush.  Clothes, hair, jewelry the same.  A small word of note, at times some of my images are purely CGI, some are a mix, some are actual paintings.... depends on my mood. I may at times call some images paintings, and though your esthetic dictionary thesis may argue with this, please don't argue it with me.  I do paint, and I do mixed medium, they are the same amount of work. (sometimes more on the second to get it correct).  Ink, colored pencil, oil paint or digital paint, from one who uses all, its pretty much all the same.