Sammy Wright

Living for coffee, music, and the word Pfeffer. What could be better than Pfeffer, really?

Kassarah, Claimed

I know that there isn't a lot going on right now in the genre area, but it will be very obvious later on, so just bare with me a little while. The introduction to the first chapter. Please, if you see something, or think something, point it out / tell me!


A man follows a woman into the woods, but unfortuantely for him, he gets more than he bargained for...Quick story that I wrote out of boredom. I'm not sure if it's a good length, the flow feels a little off. Lemme know what you think!


Written for a contest. I like how is starts, but I'm unsure about the ending. So any and all comments are welcome! :DEspecially about the style of writing I used. It's been awhile since I've written like this, and I'm curious as to the efect it has on the story.


A short story about a family of Nymphs. The name kinda gives it away I think, but I hope not...I've never written this many characters into a story, so let me know if it's confusing in anyway. Comments are always very welcome!

A Snowy Night

One night a daemon hunter catches his prey.I changed this one several times, and I like this ending better, but please comment!!!

Strings: Fated Love

A half-demon who can see the red strings of fate.Longest short story I've written yet. I'm not sure about the end, though, so comments are very welcome.

A Contract

A short story about a contract made out of desperation.

Into the Light

I love this short story! It's on a sad topic, lost love, but I also didn't want to much detail and structure, so that the reader could take something different away from the story every time.

Hawker 1-2

Second part of a work in progress.

Hawker 1-3

Third part of a work in progress.

Hawker 1-1

It's the first part of a story that I'm still working on. Don't like it as much as I once did though...