Kirstin Linnenkoper

    This gallery is sadly still filled with some of my old poems. I basically wrote everything when I was 14/15. Since then I have moved on to different topics like romance, everyday life, hopes and dreams - still fantasy whenever I feel like it. I just didn't like the fact that you're not allowed to write anything else on here, so I have created an account on Deviantart. If you'd like to read those poems (view photomanipulations) the link is: Other poetry and random thoughts/ideas can be viewed at:  My little place at myspace:  Hello, my name is Kirstin, I am nearly 21 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I enjoy writing and drawing very much and hope to fullfil my dream of one day becoming a serious writer. Furthermore I like listening to music - my taste, however, is very diverse. It often inspires me to write something. So, in a way you could say that music is my fuel. Besides writing poetry, I've been very busy writing stories. The restless soul that I am sadly often keeps me from working too long on my ideas though. That is definitely something I should improve.   I like Drawing, writing, poetry, musicals, dancing, instruments, art, photography, dancing, singing, song-writing, fashion, designing, photomanipulation and hanging out with my friends! <3 Favourite movies Buffy the Vampire Slayers Desperate Housewives Numb3rs Bones Angel Charmed Dawson's Creek The Mists of Avalon Ever After Edward Scissorhands Meet Joe Black The Notebook The Poet The Painted Veil Marie Antoinette Billy Elliot Inside I am Dancing Favourite books Anne of Green Gables Pride and Prejudice Artemis Fowl Harry Potter Lord of the Rings Favourite music Dido Muse Jem Evanescence Within Temptation Corinne Bailey Ray Natasha Beddingfield Natalie Imbruglia Nickelback Keane COLDPLAY!!! Sophie Ellis Bextor Christina Aguilera STEREOPHONICS!!! Sara Bareilles KT Tunstall Katie Melua Norah Jones Room Eleven In other words.. My taste is very broad, it really depends on my mood as well.

Silver Saviour

The famous knight, Alan Greystock, has been ordered to lead his army up to the Lightning Mountains to fight the evil dragon that has made it its home. But when his men have all gone under he finds himself in a situation of pure despair...


It's about a phoenix' life.

The Mage...

It tells the story of a powerful mage, still not content with her life, waiting for the oppertunity to prove herself.

Caught By The Moon...

It's about a warlock who accidentally turns into a werewolf and, with the help of his loved one, tries to remove the curse cast upon him.


This is the first chapter of a story that I'm still working on. It's about a young girl that comes from a broken home and finds out she comes from a different and rather magical dimension. In the end she returns to her own world to rule the Kingdom of a Thousand Lights, Lestranya.

Mask of Misery...

It tells of our never ending yourning of finding our one true love that will set us free and make us feel like we can touch the sky

Dark Soul

A vampire that lives to spread death

Black Heart

It's about a warrior that, even after vanquishing all his enemies, still feels unsatisfied. He only lives when his sword is charging...

Over the Horizon...

It tells about faith, morals and that somehow it's inevitable for your ideals and identity to grow and change as life passes you by


It's about a girl, a princess, that was named after the moon. She hasn't had it easy in her life, but still knows how to fight.

Angel Wings

A young angel wishes to receive its wings, but The God of Eternal Light won't grant that wish just yet.