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Foreground (with his back turned) is Elladan (the older son of Elrond) and facing us is Erestor, and they're duelling.I've never actually seen elves drawn duelling before - might be that I missed it, but I did go looking on all sorts of art sites and while I DID find elves killing orcs, driders and the like, never did I see them classily duelling. "You insulted my honour - knives at dawn." That sort of thing.So I drew it after getting inspired for it in a story where Elladan threatens Erestor. It never actually happens in the story, so this isn't an illustration for said story at all, it just inspired it. I'm still trying to get my gf to write the story to this picture ;)Anyway - about Erestor. As Tolkien never specified, we made up this background for him where he worked for Gil-galad as a spy but was captured and tortured by orcs, then thrown off a cliff. He was washed up on the shore in Rivendell, where Glorfindel found him, and Elrond healed him. But he hasn't fought or kept fit since, and he walks a little heavily for an elf due to a leg injury, and he carries scars from the torture all over his body. He writes with his left hand as his right is too damaged to keep under strain for a long time, and he always dresses in long dark robes to cover himself. So him duelling, we figured, would be a quite surprising and slightly freakish experience - an elf all in black, who's not expected to fight very well, suddenly defeating Elladan, son of Elrond, in a duel. Beautiful, and terrifying.I hope I brought that across.Oh yes, this isn't fanart because it's working with elves from Tolkien's writing, not Peter Jackson's films. Elladan and Erestor were, sadly, never mentioned in the films.

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