Kirsty Morrison

Hey, I'm Kirsty but call me Chibs ;P This is my gallery for stories/ poems. A couplea years ago I got Mod's choice for one of my poems which made me very happy as I was never very sure of my ability to write stories, let alone verse. I keep the fact that I write pretty quiet, most people know I can draw but I'm more reluctant to let them see my written stuff...there's something more personal about it I feel. One day I'd like to get published, wouldn't we all, but my main passion is art and I'm sticking to that for now. One day in the future when I can't get a job after uni who knows? :P Hope you enjoy the stuff I have on here, as always, please comment and give me your thoughts ^^

High Dives

This poem just popped into my head pretty much fully formed at 2am on a Wednesday night. So I had to get up and write it down because I couldn't sleep otherwise lol. Anyway, its about angels in some ways, in some ways its not. But like everything I write, take your own meaning from it because half the time, ok most of the time I don't actually put any meaning into it lol. I just write the stuff, I don't actually know what it MEANS or anything lol.


This story is about someone being hunted down by a little 'army of undead'. I like it cause it's slightly creepy.

Julian-The Cat Is Let Out Of The Bag (well once it stops swearing)

More Julian. I loved the character so much I just had to write more about him!^^

Those Who Don't Believe In Magic...

Inspired by a Roald Dahl quote and by my desire to get away lol.

The Fire And The White Noise

This is a story about bullying and I guess was a little influenced by stories like Carrie by Stephen King.


A poem about someone who finds out that being a werewolf isn't as bad as some ppl would have you believe


I felt like writing a story randomly so I did. Originally it was going to be pretty basic with a lovely happy ending etc etc but as I wrote it it developed the little dark twist at the end. I'm glad it did as I think it makes it a little different. Unfortunately most of Kai's personality and issues are taken from personal experience. The lesbian thing happened, but the shooting stars did not lol.


This is a poem about a vampire who has lived for some time and is getting bored with the lifestyle.

Almost Painful Sweetness

A poem about a relationship with a vampire. This is written from the 'victim' 's point of view because I feel like everything is always from the vampire's point of view and I wanted to try and write a poem that captured a mixture of love and obsession and being entranced. Hopefully I've done it to some extent lol.


I like this story and the idea behind it. Another relatively short one. I also liked writing from a first hand point of view because its not usually my style.


This is already on my fantasy gallery with a pic but I thought it was a nice poem in its own right so here it is. Its about obsession in a way. Also the Elf that it goes with is a nasty piece of work called Ivy.Gettit?

Ten Swords

Ok there's a bit of a story behind this one so bear with me. As you can probably tell it was written at a bit of a low (bitter) point. The idea came from the Tarot card 'Ten Of Swords' which is the worst card in the pack probably. I just took the idea of the ten swords and how they would work if you could actually use them lol; made it a literal kind of revenge. It was cathartic to say the least.

Chained Angel

I was thinkin of a poem I could put on here and suddenly had this image of a man being draggd through the desert then suddenly sprouting wings and flying away... (PS this is for kakta coz I know she has a soft spot for male angels!lol ;P)


Yes the title is meant to be like that! This is a poem about a sorta Underworld place. The first line popped into my head outa nowhere and its taken me a while to write it down coz I've been pretty busy. Its kinda creepy in a way, all those damned souls #shudder# As always, lemme know what you think!


A story along the same lines as 'Almost Painful Sweetness' but expanded a bit. I wanted to write from the view of the obsessed victim again but twist it a little (well it is me lol).

Silver Bullets

A story about werewolves. I wanted to write about them and give them a wider pack, a support network like real wolves in the wild. It seemed logical to me.

Perfect Xmas-Or your money back!

This is a NON RHYMING poem (bfore u fussy ppl all start goin 'mehh it doesn't rhymeeeeee!blee blah blah' about Xmas in a Spaceship and how everything can't b perfect, no matter how hard u try. U can't please everyone!

Julian, The Angel Of The Lost&Found

This is a rather silly wee story. I love Julian already though because he's so much fun to write about. I don't know if I'll write any more, depends on feedback and if I get the time.

File Name-End

The idea for this story just popped into my head one day. Its pretty short but I think if it was any longer it wouldn't be as punchy.

I Am The Ice Princess

A poem that popped into my head yesterday about an ice princess. That's all there is to it really.

Lady Of The Black Hole

I'd already drawn a picture of this character but its not on the gallery anymore and I just ended up writing a poem about her somehow lol.


This is on my sci fi gallery with a picture. Its a modern girl who studies martial arts and her name is also Knife.

Fire And Ice

This is a poem about a fire sprite confronting an Ice Sprite and basically letting her know where she stands.


My first story!^^ This is a story bout cryogenics. I got the idea when I was watchin some prog one day and realised how many uncertainties there were bout it. The reason the endin is so open in coz I mite worte more bout Maria....^^

The Final Round

The idea for this story had been kicking about in my head for a couple of years. Finally got round to putting it into writing.

War Wounds

A poem about a warrior trying to adjust to life, which I think is relevant to today in some ways. A lot of it is taken from personal experience, not of a battle but of something else, and was written on a night like the ones mentioned. It helped me sleep, hey I can't afford therapy ;P