Kirsty Yeomans

-=* Update *=- so ya'll think u know me! well...u will now coz im gunna tell ya..^___^!! Im 14yrs old n from the good o'l place called ENGLAND!! im fascinated with the japanese and their art style called manga! duh..and oh yea, im really obsessed with YAOI!!, if u draw alot of yaoi, be sure to message me ;) and also bishounen...well, who doesnt like bishounen? my art, i have had no lessons wat so ever...ive teached myself everything u see here and ive been drawing for 3 years! my main dream is to have a job at manga, anime, game character designs or work for disney! Music...i lurrve music!! my fave bands r iron maiden, cradle of filth, system of a down, tenacious D, green jelly (green jello)...and all those japanese opening themes to the animes!! chiiiii.....well, thats all...l8rz! Please comment on my art!! i'll love ya for it!! Here some great artist links who are most inspiring! Xena Fanart awesome at drawing Xena and gabriel! dbz artist ^_^ Emily J. Z. Bourke!! Ann Jansson she is amazing, must visit!! megan wolfe! is just the best at drawing girls! -=* Please comment on my pictures *=- -=* Request's on dbz characters are CLOSED, sorry guys ur swamping me!!! x_o n schools really getting in the way *=-