Cara of the Universe' Jackson

I'm not dead, I promise. I'm just terminally homeworked. And not writing so much fantasy/sci-fi anymore, what with all the creative non-fic I've been having to write for class. C'est la vie. Maybe this summer I'll be able to write a short story or two.

Shadowsinger - Chapter Five

chapter five

Into Thin Air

A short story, very different from my usual bent. *shrugs* kinda melancholy...

Requiem for the Dead 02

A little glimpse of the poewers-that-be as they decide what they're going to do with their latest recruit

Shadowsinger - Chapter One

The first chapter of a novel which seems at first glance to be your typical guy-saves-the-damsel-in-distress and which then rapidly becomes much more comlicated

Shadowsinger- Chapter Six

updated chapter six. the madness continues. if anyone has any ideas on where to go from here... please share.

Fairyland Support Group

AKA Psychobabble, the story of complete and utter nonsense. I thought it might be interesting to see what would happen if i took all of the charectors, or more specifically, the 'bad guys' from my stories and put them all in a support group to 're-habilitate' themselves. It turned out... very interesting. And as a rather interesting note, the charector Ryker doesn't exist. Unfortunately, no one has bothered to inform hin of this, and he's kind of taken over. Ah well.

Fairyland Support Group II... The Madness Continues

It's baaaaaaaaaaack! Mwahahaha! I've tried to fix the whole dialog thing... let me know if it's a bit easier to understand here than it was in number one.

Shadowsinger Chapter Seven

chapter seven. enters my favorite charector so far. Unfinished.

Requiem for the Dead 01

The novel follows a rather troubled young lady, Railen, an ex-mercenary empath (which would be enough to screw most people up), who has endured a great deal of horrible things to the point where she decided to reject human society completely, for its own good. However, at this point one of the Vristae (a canid-type race, somewhat along the lines of Siberian Huskies but bigger, gifted with psionic powers), chooses her to be a part of the Vristaindrae (a group of Vristae and humans dedicated to keeping law, order, peace, justice, and all that jazz within whatever country they are stationed in). She's not exactly thrilled, but he talks her into it. Chapter one begins with Railen entering the city in the company of her Vriste Strael.

Shadowsinger - Chapter Two

second chapter of the same story


A short venture into sci-fi, written for a school assignment. Was going to be the first chapter of yet aother novel (they're so much easier to start than finish). Maybe one of these days I'll write some more for it. T'anyrate... the rather unique speeling is deliberate... in whatever year it is, they went all to phonetics. PU is their acronym for Parental Units.

The Inquisitor: A Twisted Fairytale

A re-telling of Cinderella... only a bit different. Written for a 'twisted fairytale' competition... jury's still out on the winner. Bonus Points/Prize awarded to the person who can catch all the easter-eggs in it.

Why? (Part One)

Ah... well. This is a rather interesting little bit of insanity. It's a collaborated story, used with full permision by the both of us. I suppose it could be called a satire... if we were satiring anything in particular.

Shadowsinger - Chapter Three

third chapter

Shadowsinger - Chapter Four

Chapter four