Hi! I'm Shoe, otherwise known as the Pixie named Shoe. Well.... I am... I guess you could say, a little strange. The most accurate epitaph ever given me was this: 'a strange and wonderful creature of many worlds but never one at once.' Although I'm not so sure about the wonderful part. I am very nice, I love my friends and other nice people, and I am also a lot hyper :P I love comments, they make me happy, so if you like or don't like say so..that's how I decide what to keep here and what to take down. I am a very good speller but a very bad typer (my fingers go too fast and trip over one another) so I may mux up words. *nod* Oh, about my art! Well, first of all, I have drawn all of my life. Ever since I can remember. But! I am much better now then when I started! For me, art is all about emotion. I don't care about anatomy, just whether I catch the feeling or personalty. I feel that drawing is one of the bestest things in the world. The only things I hate are meaness and apathy and when it's too cold to go barefoot (like when they're snow). Here Are The Things I Love Best: Safety pins(my favourite thing!), Hair, Chocolate, J, D, AJ, my Sibs, Bubbles, Sharp Shineys, Lightning, Wings, Buttons, Footie Pajamas, Melty Ice Cream, Noodle Soup, Painted Chopsticks, Crackers & Cheese, Mud Puddles, Sketti, Bare Feet (my other favourite thing!), Nummy Lollipops, Pillows, Vampire Grins, Pritty Faces, the Damn_Hippies, Cotton Candy, Pencils, Toes, Vinyl, Neverwhere, and Faerie Kisses. I also love commissions, requests, and art trades!!! Portrait-trades, too! Here are people I know...Go see them!!!!! *skips* Yay... Dave Goecke - the coolest ever! My Best Friend and fellow twisted mind. Go bug him to put more piccies up! SK - One of the coolest creative minds, a real sweetheart, and creator of my darling Luzifer! She coloured the master pic of Reece and Grey. Sam - Cool girl I met through D...she's just so cool! She colours well, too. There are also a few other artists I'v done trades w/ and such, they're linked ot in other pictures. One more thing...all artist are invited to submit Ganglands art for the Website! We are also working on a tour, so let us know if you'de like to be on it! Let me know who you'de like to draw!!!!! Heehee, that's all! Enjoy! *waves and skips off*