KI Skogen Johnson

Hi! I'm Shoe, otherwise known as the Pixie named Shoe. Well.... I am... I guess you could say, a little strange. The most accurate epitaph ever given me was this: 'a strange and wonderful creature of many worlds but never one at once.' Although I'm not so sure about the wonderful part. and these are things am a fan of, since this is indeed a fan-art galla! the last unicorn, neverwhere, shakespeare, lenore, princess bride, cowboy bebop, fight club, army of darkness, the batman villains, legend, labyrinth, willow, dark crystal, clockwork orange, dollz, JTHM, LOTR, escaflowne, reboot, and all other lovely, creepy, funny, morbid, and beautiful disturbing things. Also I am Queen of Pirates, but if you wish to join my crew I should warn you the application process is ardruous and quite dangerous!!!! (and those 2 words do rhyme, so you kow they must be true!!!!) But do feel free to apply if you do wish to be a pirate like me! One more thing...all artists and writers are invited to submit Ganglands art or fic for the Website! We are also working on a tour, so let us know if you'de like to be on it! Let me know who you'de like to draw!!!!! Heehee, that's all! Enjoy! *waves and skips off*

Light Blanket

In Changeling: the Dreaming and in several other stories, there is a tie when a person beckmes aware of a world outside that which they have always thought was the only one. Even in Matrix, this concept exists. In Changeling, that time is called a Chrysalis, when a changeling realises that they are one of the Fae. Sometimes they think they're going crazy at first, but soon realise that the fae soul that had lay dormant within then was now active. I wrote this back at Viterbo a few years ago, and I still like it. Then, I used it for an audition peice, (I didn't get the part) but I like it better as a story. This is about that time...a changeling's crysalis. (It was interesting...I saw the Cowboy Bebop movie, ans there were golden butterflies in that, too. I wonder...)

The North Wind's Lover

In my playwritijng class last semester, we were given a writing exersise. Write for one minute, one page in one minute only. The topic: 'A dream you've had.' This, astoundingly, is what came. Let me know if any of you would be interested in seeing this story continued...