Chen Xiangxue

My name's Kismet and I've been keen on painting since my childhood, as well as listening to music.It's almost impossible to split manga from my life but I'm no Otaku. Up to now I've twice been one of the staff of fanbook publishing, which were both on Naruto. Of course I'm pretty willing to join more fanbooks only if I'm given the chance to do so^^On games American McGee's Alice is my cup of tea and Alice's my favourite character. Every topic on this game or its sequel Alice: Madness Returns is warmly welcomed! Favourite Characters in mangas/ games/ novels:American McGee's Alice: Alice, Mad HatterHarry Potter Series: Tom Marvolo Riddle, Harry PotterAxis Power Hetalia: Arthur Kirkland (England), Wang Yao (China), Alfred. F. Jones (the USA) And this is my blog: (I'm sorry it's Chinese only^^|||) I like Painting, listening to music, playing games Favourite movies Axis Power Hetalia Favourite books Harry Potter Favourite music Sound Horizon, Yanni