I have been writting ever since I learned how to write. My first story ever was called "Cat Wings" and I wrote it when I was five. It's about a cat who's owners were very cruel, so one day he ran in away and meet a witch. The witch gave the cat beautiful wings and the cat flew off into the sky, and lived happily ever after! I have read books written by many different authers and books about so many different things! I like i love to read and write (of course) but i have other interest, or do i, hmmmm, well i like eating and sleeping! Favourite movies Hmmm.... I like this show on TNT called angel and my favorite movie would be Pan's Labrynth. I hope I spell that right. Favourite books OMG THERE ARE SO MANY! Uhhhh, that's a difficult question for me! Favourite music i like screamo! WOOHOO!

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