What's that? An update?!? Woah! ^^ Lol! Hey guys! I haven't uploaded in such a long time! I'm too busy to draw as often as I used to, but I've got some new art to put in here! I hope you like! I guess it's time for a new bio, too... Hmm... My name's Karine, and I'm a french-speaking canadian so don't try to say my name... ^^ I'm 19 years old and I wish I was still 6. Drawing is one of my several hobbies... I also play violin, paint, do bellydancing, write... I love to create, as you could guess. I'm an architecture student, and I love what I do, althought it's very demanding. I draw for fun, but I'm sure you can find something cool in my little elfwood hut... so just take a look! ^^